Monday, November 10, 2008

Virtual coffee break - 10th November

Still racing to catch up from a very busy week last. Just a few quick links for an appallingly wet Monday morning in the UK:

Stresswatch - Nortel Q3 results - 21% sequential decline in carrier networks revenues, 1,300 job cuts, salary freezes, preferred dividend suspended. The company still has $2.3bn in cash, but cash out so far this year has been $1.2bn, nearly $800m in this quarter alone. Telco equipment is the new U.S. auto industry...

Stresswatch - Dish posted a net loss of subscribers for the second quarter running, suggesting that pay-TV at the value end of the market is something people can live without if they have to, or perhaps this reflects the mounting wave of home reposessions in the US. 

Industry shake-out watch - The great next-gen CDN God giveth, and he also taketh away

Research of the day - An interesting piece from NSN underlining the message from Telco 2.0 last week that telco metadata on customer behavior is a hugely underutilized asset. 

Another take on the power of the network.

What part of "winning hearts and minds" don't you understand

A mail list I am on recently produced a link to this exceptionally cool map of fiber infrastructure in New Zealand. Would love to see something like this for Europe, but I know of one project in Europe which can't get even the most basic information from the local incumbent... 

Non-random link of the day - From the ashes of disaster, grow the roses... (Bonus points to anyone who can spot the relevance.) 

Shameless self-promotion corner - A friend has helped me wangle an invitation to the Monaco Media Forum Wednesday to Friday this week. Stay tuned for updates, including the occasional tweet.


Rudolf van der Berg said...

My prediction. Nortel bankrupt, somewhere next year. The company doesn't have anything that somebody else isn't offering. 4.5 billion in debt and no way to service it. There are some people waiting for an LBO or other takeover, but at this rate it is much more interesting to wait for bankruptcy. :-)

Sammael99 said...

<< The Group is headed by Mark Devonshire, formerly of Merrill Lynch. >>

What do I win?

James Enck said...

Well done Sammael99! For your prize you can choose between heaps of street cred and the respect of your peers, or a truckload of Circuit City stock! I know which I would choose.