Friday, November 28, 2008

Call for assistance

I know that occasionally, Googlers drop in to read, so I make the plea that, if you can put me in touch with someone at Feedburner, I'd be much obliged. I have an intractible dilemma which I need help with. 

UPDATE four hours later: Who said Google doesn't do customer service? Within two hours of my post, a Googler has been in touch to ask what the problem is and to say that he will endeavor to connect me with the right people. I'm truly impressed. 

As to my problem, it's tedious, but if you're curious, my somewhat embarrassing problem is that when I set up my Feedburner account years ago, I stupidly used my Daiwa (old work) email account, and also managed over the years to forget my password. So even if I try to reset my password, the new one is sent to a non-existent email address. I'm really curious to see what sort of subscriber base I have, but at the moment the only option is to create a new feed and ask everyone to resubscribe, which seems a bit silly. 

And the reason behind my curiousity is that, it seems to me that during my 16 month hiatus, adoption of newsreaders, particularly Google Reader, increased dramatically, at least based on the source of traffic to the site (less from search, more from newsreaders, iGoogle, MyYahoo, Zuka, NetVibes, and the like) compared to the pattern before I went underground in April 2007. The net effect of this is that my daily traffic seems to be about 1/3 of what it was at the peak during the blog's previous incarnation, and I want to see if this is an actual decline, or a large migration to newsreaders.  

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Rudolf van der Berg said...

According to the statistics of Google Reader, which I found about just a couple of days ago, you have:
Posts per week:5.6
Last updated:7:32 PM (16 minutes ago)

(click on Show details in Google Reader when you are looking at a feed)

You are doing about as good as Telco2.0 and ten times better than me. :-)