Friday, November 14, 2008


MySpace party
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What a day. I don't know where to start, and it's too late to start in any event. Lots of interesting presentations and panels today. The highlights, for my money, were Jeff Cole of USC (one of the most entertaining and thought-provoking presentations I have seen in some time - plus no slideware!), Mark Thompson and Ben Silverman being poked and prodded by an admirably grumpy and confrontational Michael Wolff, and James Murdoch's characteristically impressive solo interview showcase. Also impressive was Larry Lessig's acceptance speech for the MMF Award he received at dinner. The basic message was (I paraphrase), "I'm a bit surprised to be given an award by this group, and I hope this signals a truce, because I worry about the long term implications for society of criminalizing behavior which young people regard as social interaction." I also met a lot of nice people from interesting companies, including videojug, Blyk, Dopplr, Tumri, Peer39, Nettwerk Music Group, and the lovely team from MySpace in London, who threw the psychedelic after party featured in my photo. I will put together some more coherent view on the event when I get a chance. 

UPDATE 16/11/08: Rodrigo (whom I didn't get a chance to meet but would have liked to) has posted a clip of most of the speech itself, and I am hoping to link to the presentation on the following day, which was truly wonderful, once it is posted to YouTube. 

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