Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Joke's on You(rope)

Not content with issuing another set of kick-ass results yesterday (the ass in question being cable), City Telecom in Hong Kong has unveiled another round of entertaining commercials in support of the extension of its network to all 18 districts of Hong Kong. 

Meanwhile, altnets in Spain know that FTTH is no laughing matter; in fact, I am hearing that the European Commission has effectively validated GPON by declining to subject the CMT to a Phase II review of its stance towards fiber as defined under Market 4 (unbundling) and urging the CMT to monitor technology developments which might improve the feasibility of unbundling. As a point-to-point fundamentalist, I think you can imagine my view. So now I guess it's a test for Telefonica to answer the question: "How much fiber can you lay during the 'wait and see' period?"

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