Thursday, January 06, 2005

Vonage in the UK

Eurovoip has the scoop on Vonage's oh-so quiet launch in the UK. In the absence of naked DSL in the market, and with a very small number of fully unbundled lines, the dilemma they face is that any DSL customer still paying PSTN subscription to BT (virtually all) is paying at least GBP10.50 already for BT Together calling option 1, under which evening and weekend calls are virtually free (5.5p for 60 minutes). Arguably, the year that Vonage has been talking about launching in the UK has been ample time for BT to circle the wagons by restructuring tariffs, and getting its game together on the BT/Yahoo! Communicator. That's not to say that customers won't save money with Vonage UK, but it may be a harder sell in January 2005 than it might have been a year ago.

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