Thursday, January 27, 2005

HomeChoice 85% triple play

I don't see any sign of it on the corporate site, but Reuters newswire is reporting this morning that HomeChoice has 15k subs in the UK currently, 85% of whom are on triple play packages. The previous datapoint I had from the company was that 75 - 80% were opting for telephony, so this marks an apparent improvement in uptake. The 15k subs number implies 360 net adds per week since re-launch, or thereabouts. As I commented yesterday, they're turning up the marketing volume and increasing visibility as the footprint expands.

Anecdotally, some friends of ours live just a bit further east in South London, an area not served by cable. They took Sky when they moved in, because they wanted multichannel and Freeview wasn't really off the ground at that point. Now they think that Sky may just a little bit too much TV for them, and they are also candidates for migration to broadband. I mentioned HomeChoice to them just before Christmas, and now they eagerly await service expansion to their local exchange. This is the sort of market profile where HomeChoice could do some serious damage - Sky subs with DSL already, or looking to migrate to broadband soon.

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