Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets - and lingerie

UK net measurement firm Hitwise have published their January update for the UK, revealing that online shopping accounted for 12% of all UK web traffic in December, exceeding 13% in the first week of the month. Overall, the YoY increase in traffic to commerce sites was 23%, the strongest ever seen. Top generic search queries were as follows:

1. mobile phones
2. digital cameras
3. broadband
4. lingerie
5. mp3 players
6. fancy dress
7. books
8. gadgets
9. dvd
10. dvd recorders

Source: Hitwise

(For those outside the UK, "fancy dress" refers to novelty costumes, not something Dolly Parton would wear.)

Top ten branded queries were:

1. ipod
2. barbie
3. playstation 2
4. samsung d500
5. ps2
6. bratz
7. dell computers
8. robosapien
9. playmobil
10. xbox

Source: Hitwise

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