Monday, January 17, 2005

Iptel IMS initiative

No sign of an announcement on the website, but iptel is opening an IMS development center in Prague. Over the weekend, I received the following email:

January 15th, Berlin, Prague -- iptelorg GmbH, leading SIP server vendor, expands its reach to the IMS market. After establishing leadership on the ISP market iptel began to develop a server suite for use in next generation mobile networks. On January 15th, iptel opened up a new development center in Prague which will be fully focused on creating a standard-compliant highly scalable IMS infrastructure.

Jiri Kuthan, CTO at iptel, said: "SIP success in the ISP market has gained market's confidence in our technology. The SIP VoIP technology is borderless and we are only a baby-step ahead of implanting our ISP experience to the IMS market."

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