Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Samsung's Dutch aspirations

Here’s a feature on Samsung’s involvement in the Versatel IP-TV project, from Het Financieel Dagblad (free registration required). It’s in Dutch, but you can run it through the questionable (but free) online translator of your choice, and find that some cogent messages come through. Samsung Benelux MD Frans Hulshof stresses how important this project is as a proving ground for Samsung in Europe. He also muses on the impact of generational changes in communication styles and tools. Most interestingly, he contrasts the coordinated national broadband policy of South Korea with that of the Netherlands, where he says the government “gives too little direction.” This in turn gives rise to a number of independent projects by telcos, municipalities, housing corporations, and construction firms, creating an “exciting, but at the same time, chaotic” market environment. Viva chaos!

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