Monday, November 01, 2004

Skype crypto-PR

For a company as adept at self-promotion as Skype clearly is, I am surprised not to have received an email on this deal with Guillemot. Massively multiplayer online gaming is an issue we've written on a couple of times in the past as another sweet market segment for VoIP, and Sony apparently feels there is a rationale for getting into the VoIP market from its incumbent position in gaming. I assume hardcore gamers are already using something like Teamspeak, which seems to offer pretty close integration between the voice application and what is happening on screen. Whether this is another eventual offshoot for Skype functionality, or merely another market vertical being attacked by Skype, it's interesting to ponder where things are heading. When I think manic gaming, I think Korea, the one Asian broadband market of note where Skype has yet to announce an ISP/portal partnership.

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