Monday, November 08, 2004

Resource update - Location-specific broadband price comparisons

UK consumer website uSwitch has been updated to allow a search by local postcode. I would be interested to see similar consumer sites from other European markets, so if any readers have suggestions (they need not be English sites), please send them my way.

The query I submitted for my home returned 46 possible broadband service packages, ranging in price from the Wanadoo 1Mbps (capped at 2GB per month) at GBP215.88 total cost of ownership (TCO) in year one, to 1Mbps at an almost unbelievable TCO of GBP799.78. My current product, NTL's 750kbps cable modem, is in a six-way tie for ninth place, but looks better than the other five in its TCO range because it is faster than the rest, with the exception of the Telecomplete 1Mbps product, though that one charges premium rates for its help line (!). The BT 512kbps product also turns up in the list of alternatives, and though the helpdesk is a freephone number (NTL charges local rates), the bandwidth cap of 15GB is off-putting.

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