Tuesday, November 23, 2004

BT in expansive mood

While the Financial Times today carries one of its "The Wit and Wisdom of..."-type human interest features on BT Chairman Sir Christopher Bland, the South China Morning Post (paid subcription required - my Hong Kong colleagues faxed me the story) is reporting that BT Group is looking to set up a 3G MVNO in the Hong Kong market, taking advantage of license terms which stipulate that 3G license holders have to earmark 30% of spectrum for MVNOs. A BT Hong Kong spokesman in the story is cited as saying that the company is setting up a dedicated unit for negotiating MVNO deals there, and will also be exploring similar deals in other parts of Asia. I assume this is BT adding another facet of connectivity to its existing services to multinationals in the region, rather than anything with a consumer element. Expect the Wi-Fi roaming issue to figure prominently in the corporate pitch.

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