Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The new look

After four-plus years using one of Blogger's oldest templates, I have decided to modernize. I must say that the modular layout of the new Blogger is one helluva lot more user-friendly than the old version. I was tempted, however, to go for an "environmentally friendly" black background with white text, though I resisted. Any views out there? Comments are also enabled now, for the first time. Please don't spam me.


Unknown said...

change is good as a holiday. I suggest you install Disqus or Intense Debate. I've found both reduce spam muchly.

Benoît Felten said...

The uniform gray background is a tad sad, maybe in keeping with the somber mood in the financial markets ?

I hope we'll switch to bright yellow background when the markets do pick up (if they ever do...)

Anonymous said...

anyone who seriously reads you and stays abreast of the industry is doing it via RSS so the design of your blog is irrelevant.

that being said, please adopt black text on white for the sake of legibility to those who might stumble upon your blog via a another site or friend.