Thursday, September 18, 2008

Appeal for help

Monday after the TEN panel which I chaired, a couple of sell-side analysts, whose names I knew but had never met, approached me for a chat (nice to meet you guys, and thanks for the support). One of them stated that he thought this blog was quite widely read by analysts on the buy-side, which was news to me. I monitor my traffic with interest, but this only offers limited insight into readers' identities. In any event, if you are on the buy-side, covering or investing in telecoms (credit or equity), I'd like to ask for your assistance in a research project I'm working on at the moment. It would involve either a chat on the phone to cover a few questions, or responding to a few questions via email. All responses will be treated with complete discretion and confidentiality, though you may end up being quoted or paraphrased anonymously. Ping me here if you're interested.

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