Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Friday

Hooray, everything's going to be fine! The US taxpayer will ride to the rescue, and those mean old short sellers have been given a good telling off, like the naughty boys they are. So there. Glad we fixed those two problems - that's what regulators are for, afterall.

In conversation with a fiber specialist today, we stumbled upon a great new technical innovation: make fiber networks entirely green by powering all the electronics with former structured finance bankers, SEC apparatchiks, and CDO analysts from the ratings agencies on one of these - until they're reeeaaally sorry.

Elsewhere, I noted with interest Cisco's acquisition of Jabber, which I think is a very, very smart move. I do wonder how you take a company with such a developer-driven community around it and harness it to a big company like Cisco, but if they can manage it properly without alienating anyone, it should be an invaluable asset.

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