Wednesday, September 27, 2006

High fiber diet

I'm listening to the Verizon FiOS webcast, and while there's an awful lot of telco buzzwords being bandied about, the thing that jumps out at me is that it appears the FiOS TV product has achieved 20% penetration of addressable customers (100k subs out of 500k total FiOS customers), and the company expects this to be at 24% by year end. By contrast, France Telecom's MaLigne was at 6% in Q2, and Telefonica's Imagenio was at 8%.

UPDATE: My buddy Dave Burstein, one of the hardest-working men in telecom (and one of the earliest and most supportive of all mega-uber value readers), has a great piece on FiOS, with lots of behind-the-scenes details. Most fascinating to me is his revelation that in future the set-top box is also to be an open window to video on the net on the TV - perhaps an open gate from the walled garden would be a better analogy. If this is true, I think this marks the first time that an incumbent telco has genuinely acknowledged in an integrated manner what is going on in (cringe) Web 2.0, and how acceptance, accomodation and adaptation is the only sensible course of action.

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