Monday, September 04, 2006

Another ETTH step towards fiber speeds

Some time back I wrote about Essent's Teleste-backed drive towards 100Mbps service using Ethernet over coax, and got some pessimistic reactions. The last update available on the website is from 21 August and trumpets the success of the 10Mbps service, but a Platinum Club mega-uber value reader has faxed me a press release dated 31 August (not yet on the corporate site for some reason) which claims that a 40Mbps service will be available from this month, for EUR69.95. Interestingly, the default upstream speed of this product will be 8Mbps, but for an extra EUR4.95, the subscriber can opt for "Quattro-Up," an upload speed four times faster, i.e., 32Mbps.

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