Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Don't look now

Boy, oh boy, did I get the mother of all mega-uber value scoops this morning, but have been asked to hold back until it is formally announced. You're probably wondering, then, why I even bothered to make this post. I guess it's just so that when the time comes, I can say, "this is what I meant."

But what the hell, there's still plenty of big news to report: SPIT has arrived in suburban Memphis, my home town and cultural mecca. Sure, when it was just a couple of spoiled little girls mucking about with IP wizardry, it was funny, but buddy, when a Collierville retiree isn't free to mow his own tiny bit of the American dream in peace, you're on the fightin' side of me. Add something like this to the mix and let the nastiness begin.

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