Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Third gear

Yesterday I got a press release stating that Telabria would be deploying these little gems, released last year, on coaches operated by National Express. At last a 3G story you can sink your teeth into - 3G as pure backhaul, with WiFi providing the link to the end user, an entirely sensible solution given that nearly all notebooks now ship with WiFi support. I'm going to be having my own broadband wireless public transport experience on Friday, and conditions permitting, hope to have a video podcast or something fancy like that to document my experience.

UPDATE: A Double Platinum club mega-uber value reader writes in to alert me to a new WiFi service available on the Thames Clipper boats. Monthly pricing looks reasonable at GBP9.95, and it's interesting that the press release explicitly states that Skype use is within the T&Cs. I also like the reference to network expansion beyond the confines of the river.

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