Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dark at the end of the tunnel

A Diamond-encrusted Palladium Club mega-uber value reader helpfully points out that once again, Trouw in the Netherlands has some provocative coverage of EuroTelcoland. This article brings home the uncomfortable conclusion of KPN's FTTC plans (see slide 88 of this presentation): the ULL players are today unbundling something which is going to be sold from under them (the exchange buildings that is) and shut down (the network) in five years, and will then be forced to provide their own backhaul to 28,000 nodes and fight for hosting space in the street cabinets. [This is an arms race, though each day more seem to be awakening to the need for a de-militarization in access.] I'd love to know how this issue is addressed in unbundling contracts, as well as any views out there on regulatory implications. Opinions and views more than welcome, as usual.

UPDATE ON 26 MAY: Dutch regulator OPTA has issued a consultation paper on issues surrounding competitors' access to the all-IP network.

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