Sunday, March 12, 2006

M&A 2.0, Sunday edition

Just a couple of tidbits this Sunday evening, from messages I have received over the weekend. Firstly, Prodigem, about which I have written many times (and have used to post presentations like this one to this site), has been acquired. The acquirer's identity remains a mystery... However, if we ever needed validation of edge-based content creation and distribution as a commercial proposition, this would seem to be it.

Separately, a Palladium Club mega-uber value reader, apparently close to the action, writes in to say that German DSL alternative player QSC (about whose disruptive potential I have written here and here) is in talks about some sort of tie-up with E-Plus. It's unclear whether this consists of a KPN-backed acquisition by E-Plus or something less drastic, but, if true, it would certainly seem to place more pressure on DT's two-headed FMC strategy, as well as adding credence to speculation that Vodafone is heading for a dramatic change of heart on FMC starting with Germany (and possibly leading toward Fastweb or Tiscali in Italy, Jazztel in Spain and Pipex or Tiscali in the UK).

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