Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Too much going on today to possibly post very much - I feel like I have fallen into some Tron-like virtual world, except it unfortunately looks like an Excel spreadsheet, and I am being pursued by gigantic net debt figures. Anyway, rather than burden you with my own suffering, here are a few relevant tidbits. Telefonica has doubled its IP TV user base in Q4, and it now looks like 7.6% penetration of the DSL base, which ain't bad. Elsewhere, ECTA is on the offensive again, pointing to an interesting new study by the SPC Network into the effects of market concentration on broadband penetration across the EU member states, which has fairly predictable conclusions. Interesting that the analysis highlights Sweden as the benchmark for market de-concentration which could yield real results - I think we know what that's about. And for anyone feeling starved for information, there's always OFCOM's detailed update on the UK communications scene. Will surface for air later.

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