Tuesday, June 21, 2005

UMA, schmUMA

Dean Bubley over at Disruptive Analysis has unleashed a report which may make the UMA camp's collars grow a little tighter after the beating BT Fusion took last week in the blogodrome, and among the mainstream press and brokers. The tag quote in the press release gives a good intro:

“UMA generally ignores the existence of the user’s PC. But if a customer
has a multimedia-capable, WiFi-connected device, using their paid-for broadband
connection, he or she will probably want to link the two. For voice calls and
basic coverage improvement, this isn’t a major issue. But if the phone is also
an MP3 player and a multi-megapixel cameraphone, customers will be annoyed if it cannot access the PC’s hard disk - or benefit from the PC’s connection to the
real Internet, to access email, music, VoIP or other services. There may also be
complex security and customer support issues, connecting a UMA-phone via a
customer’s existing WiFi access point, that mobile operators will struggle to
deal with.”

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