Thursday, June 02, 2005

IP as a blunt weapon, Swiss style

Reuters newswire has alerted me (in French) to this article from yesterday in Swiss German language portal 20Minuten, an interview with the MD of Orange Switzerland. In it, he seems to be hinting at an acquisition of/investment in Cablecom, Switzerland's home-grown IP disruptor, though ostensibly the topic is closer cooperation. A tie-up would be an interesting "quadruple play" counterpoint to Swisscom. Orange has 1.1m mobile subs in Switzerland, and Cablecom has 293k broadband subs, 128k using VoIP (that's 44% of broadband subs) , and 1.6m television subs (okay, 1.5 m are still on analogue packages, but at least the TV platform works).

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