Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dear John

In response to yesterday's Yahoo!/Dialpad deal, a Diamond Cluster value reader speculates on how long it will be before the talons of other global internet players will be revealed (about five minutes is my guess). In the case of Microsoft he writes:

Just speculation on my part, but wouldn't you think something like the following is about to be sent to a bunch of large incumbent telcos:

'Dear Big Telco,

Sorry, but we have no choice but to upset you guys big time. I know you thought we were friends and all...but it's a different world out there and we can't let Messenger get squeezed out of the future of communications. So, we have no choice but to launch a service which you will probably view as competitive with your core business and we suspect it could impact our friendship a bit. But you guys are bright people anyway, and I'm sure you saw this coming given all the SIP extensions we've been putting in our software and such.

Yours truly,

Steve and Bill'

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