Thursday, October 21, 2004

Fixed line, schmixed line...

Nokia and MORI have just released the results of research into mobile/fixed substitution (, which claims to have found that in the markets of the UK, USA, Germany and South Korea, something like 45m consumers exclusively use their mobile phone for voice. I work that out to be about 9.3% of their combined populations, overall, which is pretty similar to the kinds of numbers we have anecdotally heard in other European countries. A few interesting insights are included:

  • In South Korea, a significant number of people report that they are less likely to take out a new fixed line subscription after moving house/flat, and 65% of the respondents there report they are already almost entirely dependent on mobile for voice. This house-moving phenomenon is something that France Telecom mentioned in Q3 last year as a trigger for non-renewal of PSTN subscriptions in its domestic market.
  • For respondents with broadband access already, there is keen interest in switching to a wireless broadband service, and an expectation that this may be a viable alternative within one to two years.

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