Thursday, October 28, 2004

BT port blocking

West Coast insomniac and all-round nice guy Andy Abramson has already covered this, but for anyone who missed it, Mr. Blog claims that BT is blocking port 5060. Oh dear. If France Telecom says that VoIP effects are visible in their huge volume declines, and now BT apparently feels bothered enough to block SIP, then maybe the carriers are a tad bit more concerned than they have let on in the recent past. When I met up with the guys from Gossiptel a few weeks back they said they were at 5,000 subs or so, France Telecom said today that they've sold 4,000 Liveboxes in the UK, and no doubt there are a fair number of Free World Dialup users and ex-pat Vonage users out there. Excluding Skype and BT's own VoIP product, I wouldn't think we're talking about more than 50 - 75,000 users at the moment in the UK market, which is hardly worth this sort of reaction, if it indeed is confirmed.(

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