Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Battle of the P2P voice press releases

Yesterday saw two pretty hefty announcements from the P2P VoIP camp, and the tit-for-tat looks set to continue today. This morning Nimcat Networks announced that Canadian WISP Storm (http://www.storm.ca/Coverage.html) is trialling the nimX P2P platform in-house as a replacement for the legacy PBX. The press release on the deal contains a statement from Storm's CEO to the effect that the company is contemplating selling nimX to its own customers, based on their positive experience to date. Press release is here (http://www.nimcatnetworks.com/Reading.aspx?fid=32&ftype=1). I assume Peerio has something else up its sleeve for later today, and Skype, never one to miss a PR opportunity, remains eerily silent so far...

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