Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My talk from Manchester last week

Please excuse my appalling Freudian slip, placing Sand Hill Road erroneously in Mountain View rather than Menlo Park. I had Google on the brain. There are a couple of other mindless misstatements here, but on the whole I was pretty pleased with this one (slides are here). Also check out Dirk van der Woude and Benoit Felten - hell, just watch them all!

James Enck @ NextGen09 from MDDA on Vimeo.

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Ignition said...

All duly watched, and I can't emphasise enough that these are required viewing for anyone interested in the subject matter who wants an insight into why BT and Virgin aren't getting it done for us, why Ofcom's obsession with wholesale/retail based competition is failing to bring us true broabdand, and that it's all in the hands of government, both local and national, to facilitate and stimulate investment.

I did note James that no-one touched on business rates - have you commented on these before and I can't see it? That alongside the various hoops operators have to jump through to actually dig is to me the major obstacle preventing new entrants from shaking things up.

These obstacles are actually enhanced through Ofcom and Stephen 'When I grow up I want to be Peter Mandelson' Carter's inaction to remove them which is to me the crux of where present policy is prejudicial to next generation deployments unless they come from BT or Virgin, neither of whom have any desire to invest while their cosy duopoly (at best) persists.