Friday, July 17, 2009

My small contribution towards VMED shareholder value

I know Virgin Media is on a bit of a roll with a well-timed refinancing and a couple of positive releases on broadband and video differentiation versus the DSL brigade. As a customer, I wish them well, and so I have resolved to help them in the quest for shareholder value creation, which I guess at some level involves keeping the outdoor plant secure. So once again, here is a cabinet in my local area in need of some attention. I know it's a blurry image, but it was raining heavily at the time - I stopped nevertheless, because I care. The cabinet is on Upland Road near the intersection with Barry Road in SE22.


Alex Brown said...

Thanks for that - will get on to the cabinet maintenance team to have them sort it.


Alex Brown
Internet Product Management
Virgin Media

Ignition said...

You and me both wishing them well Jim, customers too and all that.

Have to admit that there are a lot of encouraging noises and signs coming from VMED at the moment.