Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More retro telco oddities

Honestly, when I see footage like this, I feel truly amazed that we ever achieved analogue telephony in the first place, such was the almost insane level of labor/capital intensity required. Yet it is also equally hard to imagine quite where we would be today without that investment, however strange it may appear in retrospect. Methinks there may be a lesson of relevance to the NGA issue here, but it's getting late, so just enjoy the images of industrial big iron at work on tasks which a Skype client can quite happily handle today.


Rudolf van der Berg said...

Fantastic, just when I'm writing a paper on the future of VoIP interconnection. It has all the elements, lookup, signalling and transferring the call.

Anonymous said...

I started my career in a toll office in 1965. Worked on all of that equipment until I finally moved on to stored program controlled switching systems. Seeing this video brought back good memories. But as an earlier comment said, it is simply doing a look-up, connection and transfer. Nothing new here, humans have been doing that for a long time.