Friday, November 10, 2006

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be the best

Telenor is the best performer this year among the universe of companies I follow, by a significant margin, but seemingly it is possible to be a bit too successful. A mega-uber value reader points me to the flap over Telenor's CEO Jon Fredrik Baksaas' decision to cash in $2.5m in share options. Hell, the Crooked E boys could have spent that sort of money on a single trip to Nieman Marcus, and Dennis Kozlowski undoubtedly had a shower curtain or two worth more than that. I think it's safe to assume that Barry Diller will not be emigrating to Norway any time soon.

UPDATE: An anonymous mega-uber value reader, who seems to be quite credible, writes in to observe, intriguingly, "Nothing in this situation is as it would seem. There is a very carefully scripted departure scenario for Mr. Baksaas which has been in place since day one. Maybe the added pressure from the government over share options accelerates the timetable a bit, but take every bit of news about this with a large grain of salt."

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