Sunday, November 12, 2006

Outward mobility

A Palladium Class mega-uber value reader writes in on this busy Sunday to point me to an article from Spiegel Online which says that a secret board meeting of DT last night has ousted Dr. Ricke in favor of Rene Obermann (like Ricke before him, also the bright young lad atop T-Mobile), with immediate effect. If I'm reading the article correctly, it seems to suggest that there was some serious dissatisfaction with Dr. Ricke's new proposal to transfer 45k employees (35k shared services and technical staff, and 10k call center staff) to a couple of new services units yet to be created (and, I presumed, shit-canned to some foreign buyer within a couple of years). What isn't clear to me is whether the proposal was too radical, or not radical enough.

UPDATE: Well, it's a well-publicized done deal now, apparently with some pretty nasty behind-the-scenes spats and subterfuge.

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