Thursday, November 16, 2006

Consulting today

Today I have been asked to brief a media company about "convergence," or, as I prefer to think of it, chaotica. If you would like the same sort of briefing, contact me here.

UPDATE: The background on this post may be useful, because frankly, it's a bit of a weird one. The company in question is a Japanese media company which has some corporate relationships with Daiwa, I think. Anyway, they asked and I obliged. The audience wasn't necessarily well-acquainted with some of the themes I discussed, so I took along my laptop, plugged it into the projector and after my presentation, fired up some of the applications I had just talked about. We made a Skype video call with young Thomas Anglero in Oslo, started to download a Torrent file, played around with Second Life, etc. This post was made to demonstrate how to post a photo from Flickr! to the blog, update it in Blogger, and publish. The whole exercise elicited smiles of the kind I like to see - kids in a candy store.

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