Wednesday, January 25, 2006

High fiber update

Next is the turn of multi-utility Tre-For of Denmark. Notable points - fiber broadband access for the customer is EUR13 (the audience gasped) per month (no connection or installation fees). Notable points:

Broadband is a natural fourth utility to add to its legacy businesses, involving common processes and expertise. We should not refrain from action out of a sense of apprehension over the growth in knowledge which might be unleashed. Sticking to your past is not the way to the future. What if Nokia still only made boots and tires? What if IBM had stuck to making meat slicers?

UPDATE: A Platinum Club mega-uber value reader with more than a passing knowledge of Danish writes in to state that I either missed something or the company is not being entirely truthful. Apparently, the EUR13 figure relates to a basic monthly access charge, to which we must add a sort of "ISP subscription," at price points EUR20 for 1Mbps, EUR40 for 10Mbps, and EUR80 for 20Mbps.

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