Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Circling the wagons

I warned clients last year that 2006 would bring a number of pre-emptive fiber strikes by incumbents getting ready for the last stand. Today, totally and completely unsurprisingly, France Telecom clarifies its plans, with a briefing on Thursday hopefully providing more insight. I am intrigued, however, by the use of the word "abroad" near the end of the release. Do they mean the overseas territories of France (like Guadeloupe), or something else?

UPDATE: A Prix D'Or haut debit mega-value reader in France writes in to confirm that the French version of the press release does not use the phrase "departement d'outremer," which would mean overseas departements of France. Seems the only conclusion we can reach is that FT is genuinely talking about FTTH in foreign countries.

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