Monday, January 16, 2006


A Diamond Cluster mega-uber value reader tells me that his office, which is served by Bulldog and normally runs Skype on multiple PCs (and where there is no policy to disable Skype, as he's the boss) has had a complete Skype failure today. Are any readers out there who are Bulldog customers and experiencing the same thing? Here's his description of what's happening (or not happening, to be more precise):

"Skype fails to login, reporting that the username/password combination is 'not recognised'. Watching the status bar at the bottom of the screen, and running a trace on data going in and out of the PC, I can see that whatever Skype is attempting to connect to is not responding.
I have confirmed that the password and username are correct by succesfully logging in Skype from my home network."

UPDATE: Another mega-uber value reader writes in to say that he has been using Skype all day with another user who is a Bulldog customer, with no issues whatsoever.

UPDATE 2: The original reader says now the problem is resolved, several hours after it began, but without any changes of any sort on his end. Throughout the outage, other VoIP clients and the office Asterisk phones also worked. (I consider this particular reader to be in the high technical competence league, by the way.) Just for reference, the reader has a business DSL subscription with static IP address from Bulldog. I would still be interested to hear from anyone else out there who has experienced similar episodes, with either Bulldog or Skype.

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