Thursday, January 19, 2006

Barriers to entry?

Just over two years ago, Skype was introduced to the world, and those with any sense said, "Holy sh^t!" Now I am expecting that within the next two years, developing a VoIP/IM client will be a class term project for many high school students. A mega-uber value reader recently alerted me to VoIPStunt (for once, an honest product name) and VoIPBuster, both from the same company in Germany. He says quality is good, latency low, pricing attractive. The extraordinary has become commonplace.

UPDATE: The mother of all Palladium Club mega-uber value readers writes in with more info. The ultimate owners of the service are a Swiss company called Finarea SA, a company with a vast array of brands across Europe, covering both indirect access PSTN (carrier pre-select) and VoIP services. Apparently the modus operandi is brand fragmentation and market segmentation.

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