Thursday, August 31, 2006

Makeover for an ugly duckling

In some of the presentations I've done for clients and others I've sometimes touched (in the context of what Google, eBay, Yahoo!, et al are up to in voice) on the somewhat puzzling case of Amazon, which I guess some people view as something of an also-ran in web services. Indeed the stock has underperformed Google by 26% and Yahoo! by 8.5% year-to-date (neither of those have been stellar, incidentally), and I guess the company must be feeling pretty unloved right about now. So what's the way forward towards reinvention? According to my man Thomas Anglero up in Norway, it's about enabling applications developers and businesses with massive storage and virtual computing. And just in case you find his views far-fetched, check out the comment following Thomas' post, which apparently was made within three minutes of the post itself, by the co-founder of indy video newcomer Cruxy, which is entirely run on the S3 service (and seems pretty damned fast).

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