Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Baffling, but at least they're Orange

I've been getting spam from Orange for the past few weeks telling me about a special project and asking if I was interested in taking part in a secret location. Judging from the image attached to the latest spam update, it's around Lake Baikal or somewhere in Mongolia, and the 50 special people they have recruited to help them have erected gigantic orange plastic charicatures of the four "totem" figures they have come up with for their tariff plans: the cat, the racoon, the owl and the dolphin. I think I'm more of a bear. This is apparently in support of a new TV campaign which launches tonight in the UK. Hopefully this will also be accompanied by some sort of "the making of" reality progam, featuring 50 vapid, self-obsessed "yoofs" desperate to land showbiz careers.

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