Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Do you speak Google?

(Just stumbled across this): Global domination can still be fun.

I think future iterations should include the telco doublespeak version, as well as the Dubyaficated version (Go to the button marked "Wordify" on the "Amusements" tab, and enjoy).

UPDATE: A few sample "Bushifications" -

Enck -> "mis-Enckicity"
EuroTelcoblog -> "over-EuroTelcoblogication"
Daiwa -> "Daiwaization" (簡便してくれ)
Mongolia -> "super-Mongolia-protection"
disruption -> "dedisruptionizational" (this is a timely word)
long tail -> "anti-long tailicity"
net neutrality -> "under-net neutralistic"
stupid network -> "stupid networkification"
misunderestimate (itself a documented Bushism) -> "mis-misunderestimatify"

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