Friday, October 07, 2005

Sharing misgivings

As readers of this humble bloglet will by now be aware, one of my pastimes is tracking Skype traffic using the RSS statistics feed published by the company. So you can imagine my consternation at the fact that the feed hasn't updated since Tuesday evening. I also notice that the spiffy charts in the Share Skype site also don't appear to be linked anymore (well, not in my browser on Friday morning). I am trying to keep the conspiracy theorist inside me at bay. Maybe someone's on holiday, on a course, or maybe they're just otherwise engaged, but I'm a bit concerned that maybe this is the first step in a gradual move toward less openness. Hope I'm wrong.

Update: No sooner had I posted than I saw that Stuart, eagle-eyed as always, has noticed some other changes worthy of consideration. Maybe this is a first step towards corporate blandness.

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