Friday, October 14, 2005

And in every home...

I noticed a lot of cheering and envious statements from the US when openreach (notice how the lack of capital letters in the name is intended to suggest a level playing field) was launched. Well, the UK Telecoms Adjudicator's unbundling update for September is hot off the presses, and it looks like the only way is up. The previous release stated that at the end of August there were 105k unbundled lines, growing at 4,000 per week. Based on today's release the total is 123.2k lines, showing that there has been no appreciable acceleration. It would be tempting to dismiss this as demand-related, but the other KPI of note is that the number of launch dates missed or in jeopardy (yellow) is at an all time high, while projects on track (green) are at an all-time low. The Adjudicator says he has "significant cause for concern."

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