Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday morning essential reading

Thomas Anglero yesterday wrote a thought-provoking piece on the next phase of telecom transformation: Utilicom. He's got some interesting points, and it seems to me that awareness of the potentially advantageous position of utilities is probably a lot higher in his home Nordic region than perhaps in other areas - maybe these countries are just getting there ahead of the rest of us.

Elsewhere, Vincent Dekker at Trouw (Dutch) seems to be ruminating on Dutch-specific aspects of the "water and wine" comparison referred to in the KC Claffy presentation which I linked to last week.

Fascinating how ideas spread virally across borders and language barriers. Also fascinating is how certain blogposts sit largely unnoticed for months before springing into life. Back in February I posted a link to Lee Dryburgh's piece on Norman Lewis at eTel, though it didn't seem to generate much notice. That's probably because I was too lazy at the time to explain why it was such a good read - but Thomas did last week, and now I can see the effects. Judging from my email inbox, this link is now being exchanged by some influential minds in telecom, and seems to be taking on a new life.

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