Thursday, June 08, 2006

Getting out of the kitchen

Carphone Warehouse, Orange, and Sky are turning up the gas (at least Sky is not adding to global warming) in the UK broadband market, and I would argue they will be joined by T-Mobile and Telefonica before the autumn leaves fall. So I guess it's hardly surprising that Cable & Wireless' long-suffering Bulldog unit is ditching the retail market in favor of being a ULL-based wholesaler for the really serious disruptors, presumably potentially including the likes of Telefonica and T-Mobile.

I guess the original Bulldog employees must be fairly disappointed (particularly the 150 facing unemployment) that the company's early promise in market disruption has been eclipsed so quickly, leaving it as enabler to those with deeper pockets and stronger stomachs. Still, it could be worse - yesterday Level3 had to issue a press release correcting erroneous media reports that CEO Jim Crowe was dead! (Turns out it was the CEO of L-3 Communications)

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