Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lawyers, start your timesheets

In the world of failed romance, they say that "looking good is the best revenge," but when in doubt "sue the bastard" is a reliable fallback. KPN's portrayal of its open attitude towards sharing 28,000 local VDSL access nodes certainly makes it look good next to "bad old cable" (as if many of its competitors will actually be willing/able to fund such a move), but just to drive the issue home, the company is taking the Dutch state to court seeking an end to assymmetrical regulation of PSTN and cable. Ostensibly this relates to KPN's lack of flexibility in setting tariffs, but following on from apparent moves (I say "apparent" because there have been no visible formal steps in this direction) to force unbundling on cable players and oblige them to itemize transport/access costs separately from content costs on customer bills, it's potentially another piece of bad news for MSOs.

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