Monday, February 06, 2006

Think the unthinkable

Thanks again to all the various mega-uber value readers who have written/phoned in with kind words, particularly the friend/former-client who seems to think that I can claim some retrospective vindication in the rampant bearishness which has recently seized many of my buyside brethren/sistren, given that the first EuroTelcorama note (focusing on, among other issues, a four-letter word called "VoIP," and what happens when/if guerilla WiFi gets more organized/social) was published three years ago. Very nice to hear it, though the self-satisfied chuckle I let loose tugged at my stitches, as if to say "Don't get cocky - what have you done for me lately?"

I guess one alternative explanation for how I got my (second) hernia might be that I find myself literally bursting with excitement whenever I come across something which challenges conventional wisdom or telco dogma. For example, this brilliant observation on broadband reality from Sascha (via a Palladium Club charter member). Tee-hee (Ouch!).

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