Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's not that I think I'm underpaid, but...

The Financial Times London edition's Mudlark column this morning had a fantastic item about Sky employees receiving Sky Gnome devices last week (presumably as some sort of morale-building exercise to coincide with the half-year results) and turning around and selling them immediately on eBay. That really is buying into the corporate vision, eh? - then again I wonder how many Imperial Tobacco employees actually smoke? At this writing I can see no fewer than 21 listings on eBay. Any internal audit/compliance/corporate morale person worth their salt would sniff out the malcontents and lay down the law, especially the two ingrates who have put theirs up for sale at a mere 99 pence. The rest of you out there, hurry to secure a valuable piece of future retro-futurist wampum.

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