Thursday, February 09, 2006

More Q4 tidbits

It's actually BT Group's Q3 results today, but anyway, here are some highlights:

Broadband adds were strong at 699k Wholesale/217k Retail, which takes BT's share of retail net adds to 31%, the highest level so far this fiscal year.

BT also claims that it is currently selling 2,000 Fusion products per week, with the total standing at 13,000 as at the end of last week.

Nevertheless, as in previous quarters, there are some KPIs which should still cause concern. The MVNO business lost a further 21k subs in the consumer segment, indicating that subscriber loss is accelerating.

Overall sequential voice line loss on an annualized basis was better at 6.7% in the quarter (Q2 -8.2%, Q1 - 6.6%), though this is largely down to a better performance in the business market. Consumer line loss on an annualized basis was 7.3%, better than 8.1% in Q2, but still worse than 6.6% in Q1.

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