Thursday, February 23, 2006

Shameless self-promotion 2.0

I've got a song going round in my head, and I think it contains the lyrics:

"And all the stars that never were,
Are parking cars and forming VoIP start-ups"

Wish I could remember the title.

Thankfully, I do know the way to San Jose - turn left at Greenland (someone I used to work with actually met Ringo Starr years ago at a Mr. Donut in Hamamatsu. They ended up taking their donuts and Ringo back to their apartment and chatting for hours about basically nothing. Neither she nor her boyfriend were the least bit interested in the Beatles, as it happens. That is a true story. But I digress).

I will be speaking at VON on 15th March. To be honest, I look at some of the other speakers on the list that morning, and I feel like my presence must be a typo. Needless to say that, following Tim O'Reilly, I won't be sourcing any research from Long or Short Capital. As previously, Jeff has slotted me in just before lunch - I suspect this is a conscious effort to cut back on catering costs by inducing mass indigestion among the attendees. Or maybe it's because he suspects that everyone's biorhythms will be tanking and in need of endorphin-stimulating comic relief. Either way, I hope not to disappoint.

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